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For example, a power of attorney can be executed, enabling someone else to sign for the absent party, or the
documents can be sent ahead of time to the other party for signing. If the documents are sent ahead of time, that
party may have to sign certain documents (the deed, mortgage, etc.) in the presence of an attorney who will witness
the signature. "These are the types of detail that an attorney would attend to on behalf of his client," said Birnbaum.

An equally challenging situation will occur if the loan documents which arrive at the closing don't contain the same
terms and conditions that the borrower had expected, Birnbaum said. "This problem can be resolved by your
attorney who will review the documents, and verify all the terms and conditions well in advance of the closing," he
said. Birnbaum emphasized that an attorney can also help save on settlement costs. "The fact is that in states such
as Illinois, where lawyers represent buyers and sellers, settlement costs, including attorneys' fees, are generally
lower." He said consumers in Illinois not only pay lower fees but receive a tremendous value for their investment.